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Descarrilados (2021) Free Movie

Descarrilados (2021) Free Movie Online

Genre: Comedy

Director:Fer Garcia Ruiz

Stars: Julian Lopez Ernesto Sevilla Arturo Valls

Vote: 4.6

Quality: HD

Descarrilados 2021 Madrid, 1999 Costa, Roge, Pepo and Juan Luis are four 20 years old who take a train to make their longtime dreamed end of year trip for traveling around Europe However, in the first stop in Paris their baggage is stolen by a thieves, but when Costa, Pepo and Juan Luis get out the train to catch them they forget Roge, tied by the thieves to the seat with plastic adhesive Not capturing the thieves, they too lose Roge when the train continues the travel, ruining their dream 20 year later, all they have very separate lives Costa is a blue collar art scammer still thinking to be the same seductive as in his youth days, Roge is married with the stone cold and dominant Tina working for her as babysitter of their own children, and Pepo continues living in student apartments passing from one to another when he is forced to go out for not paying the rental Their lives change when the three are called to report them that Juan Luis has died, reuniting again after two decades to know his testament and last will they will receive 600,000 EUR 674,000 if the three make the travel that 20 years ago couldnt to make, with some conditions visit the same places that they would meet before, publish it in social networks, and carry his funeral urn with his ashes to live the experience with them, making the travel in spirit Reluctants but without options and with only one week to get the money, the three friends make the travel not only with 20 years of delay but like a fish out of water Costa meets a beauty young girl named Lisa, trying to seduce her to prove himself than he continues being a macho Roge tries desperately to recover Tina, just to discover that she doesnt misses him and Pepo is an absent minded chaos walking who only wants to live in a perpetual party Causing all kind of disasters everywhere they go, Costa, Roge and Pepo not only will have the travel of their dreams but their nightmares, when their past and their present collide with the force of a trainwreck Will can get the money and keep their friendship before they kill each other