Anti Nowhere League We Are the League (2018) M4ufree

Anti Nowhere League We Are the League (2018) Free Movie

Genre: Documentary Biography Music

Director: George Hencken

Stars: Anti Nowhere League Animal Stewart Copeland

Vote: 7.4

Quality: HD

Anti Nowhere League We Are the League 2018 This is a feature length documentary about British Punk band Anti Nowhere League Anti Nowhere League have the infamous reputation of producing So What one of the rudest songs ever pressed to vinyl Their stage antics and demeanour are also the stuff of rock folklore The film tells the story of how the band formed as well as their background The film gets off to a slow start with lyrics from So What being read out like a storybook I think most people who know of the band or are fans of the music will know some of the profanity laden lyrics The actual recounting of their backgrounds is absolutely fascinating It helps that Im a fan of the music, but tales of biker gangs, bad management and getting in trouble at school are universal themes The film finishes in present day and shows where everyone is now It isnt an obituary to the music like a lot of punk documentaries or even a joyous celebration, to me it is like it is what it is The documentary is the longest rockumentary I have seen this year at 103 minutes Ive also seen American Hardcore and L7 Pretend Were Dead This documentary is a very good documentary if you are interested in Punk, Heavy Metal or a fan of the band The long running time does make it slightly outstay its welcome and for those with sensitive ears as you would expect there is copious amounts of strong language If you have zero interest in the music, the human stories and rise to fame story still make it recommended, but in the same way I wouldnt watch a Miley Cyrus documentary you probably wont watch this either And so what you boring little