Street of a Thousand Pleasures (1972) M4ufree

Street of a Thousand Pleasures (1972) Free Movie

Genre: Action Adventure

Director: William Rotsler

Stars: John Tull Sandy Jackson Nancy Young

Vote: 4.7

Quality: SD

Street of a Thousand Pleasures (1972) Married to a nagging wife, field geologist John Dalton is on his way to the Los Angeles Airport to travel to Iran and meet with the oil Sheik Abdul-Ben-Hassein. John is assigned to inspect an oil field outside of Basrah, a heavily-guarded location by the Sheik's personal army in a place where assassination is everyone's favourite kind of sport. After an unsuccessful liquidation attempt prevented by the selfless geologist, indebted, the grateful Sheik repays John by taking him to the secret, yet, very real slave market with the only condition to take a vow of silence and never tell anyone what he is about to see. Awed by the wonders of the flesh, John becomes the witness of unprecedented beauty, as nude, lustful and seductive young girls of all shapes and colours parade in front of his very eyes with their firm, alluring bodies begging to be explored. Sooner or later, deep in the forbidden city, tantalised by the ripe fruits that are everywhere, amidst inquisitive buyers and greedy traders, John will unexpectedly encounter an unfortunate American girl willing to offer herself totally to him in exchange for her liberty. Different from the fantasy world inside his mind, John is now ready to risk everything for the poor girl's sake, however, is there really any chance of escaping?